TEM 4 grid holder, pin mount

The low profile TEM grid holder holds up to 4 TEM grids with a diameter of 25.3mm and height of 3.8mm (not including the 6mm pin). The grids are held in place by thin copper spring clips, providing a wider viewing angle suitable for SEM imaging and spectroscopy. 

Size: 25.3mm diameter, approx. 3.8mm height plus 6mm pin

Note: It is often beneficial to use support films on a TEM grid for films or small particle samples which can significantly decrease the background in an EDS spectrum, and improve the detection limit. 

NOTE: Replacement copper spring clips are available in packs of 3. 

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-07-2024
GTP15470 TEM 4 grid holder, pin mount Each 3 weeks $448.00 AUD