Sequenza slide rack and coverplate assemblies

The Sequenza Slide Rack, holds 10 glass slides and Coverplates, in a system designed for the immunolabeling of tissue on glass slides. The system is uniquely suited for microwave-assisted applications as well as standard bench-top use. The Rack and Coverplate System Slide Rack holds glass slides with a Coverplate. This combination forms a capillary gap between the slide and the plate. Reagent volumes are greatly reduced using this versatile system. A reagent reservoir forms in the uppermost part of the plastic Coverplate allowing for easy dispensing of reagent into the capillary gap.

Using a PELCO Microwave Processor with a PELCO ColdSpot, rapid immunostaining of sections on glass slides is reliable and easy.

CLEANING: Clean with 10% bleach solution and rinse with well water. Sequenza Slide Rack and Coverplate system is not dishwasher safe.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-07-2024
HTP36105 Sequenza slide rack and coverplate assemblies Slide rack Each 3 weeks $1,889.00 AUD
HTP36107 Sequenza slide rack and coverplate assemblies Coverplate Pack/25 3 weeks $378.00 AUD