Microscope slides, large

These large microscope slides are specially made for larger tissue sections, such as whole brain sections, to enable uninterrupted examination w/o loss of tissue. Standard thickness is 1.2mm, cut ends (not available with frosted ends). Made from optical grade soda lime glass. Sizes available are 4 x 3". up to 7 x 5". Packed as 36 slides slides per shrink-wrapped package. Pre-cleaned. 

Thickness: 1.2mm    
Packaging: 36 slides per shrink-wrapped package    
Not available with frosted ends. 

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
PEL260230 Microscope slides, large 102 x 76mm Pack/50 3 weeks $520.00 AUD
PEL260231 Microscope slides, large 102 x 83mm Pack/36 3 weeks $508.00 AUD
PEL260232 Microscope slides, large 127 x 102mm Pack/36 3 weeks $510.00 AUD
PEL260233 Microscope slides, large 152 x 114mm Pack/36 3 weeks $516.00 AUD
PEL260234 Microscope slides, large 178 x 127mm Pack/25 3 weeks $657.00 AUD