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Microscope slide coverslips #1.5, small

These glass coverslips are manufactured from optical quality borosilicate (Schott D 236 M glass) to the highest standards and are optically clean and ready for use. Schott D 236 M glass is Water White glass with very low iron content. The glass composition assures an excellent resistance to chemical  attack. The Schott D 263 M glass is used as cover coverslips in microscopy for medical, biological and research work. The excellent UV absorption properties make this glass an ideal material for use in fluorescence microscopy. D263M meets the requirements laid down in  ISO 8255-1.


  • Available in 10 x 10mm, 13 x 13mm and 15 x 15mm sizes
  • Virtually colourless and excellent flatness
  • Excellent internal glass quality with very low levels of inclusions, striations, streaks, and bubbles
  • High spectral transmission
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Refractive index finely tuned for microscopes
  • Most microscope objectives are corrected for a coverglass thickness of  0.17mm, corresponding to #1.5 coverglass       
Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 19-08-2022
PEL260375-15 Microscope slide coverslips #1.5, small 10 x 10mm Pack/100 2 weeks $102.00 AUD
PEL260376-15 Microscope slide coverslips #1.5, small 13 x 13mm Pack/100 2 weeks $106.00 AUD
PEL260377-15 Microscope slide coverslips #1.5, small 15 x 15mm Pack/100 2 weeks $54.00 AUD