AFM calibration standard, step height 20nm, mounted

The HS-series calibration standards offers an easy and reliable way to calibrate AFM systems. Primarily designed for accurate Z-axis calibration the standards also offer X- and Y-axis calibration for bigger scanners in the 40-100um range. The structure symmetry enables calibration without the need to rotate and re-align the sample in between x- and Y-axis calibration.

The HS-series feature silicon dioxide structure arrays on a 5x5mm silicon chip. The fabrication process ensures excellent uniformity of the structures across the chip. There are three step heights available with nominal values of: 20nm, 100nm, and 500nm. The actual value will be supplied with the delivered calibration standard. Arrays of structures with different shape and pitch are integrated on the chip. The larger square 1x1mm contains square pillars and holes with a 10um pitch. The smaller centre square of 500 x 500µm contains circular pillars and holes as well as lines in both X- and Y-direction with a 5um pitch.

HS-20MG - 2% height accuracy; 100 nanometer pitch (lateral) accuracy for all arrays.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 14-07-2024
PELHS-20MG AFM calibration standard, step height 20nm, mounted Each 3 weeks $625.00 AUD