PELCO AFM gold standard kit

Characterised colloidal gold particles for:

  • Characterisation of scanning tip geometry
  • Reliable calibration of the vertical scale of piezoelectric response
  • Characterising vertical dimensions of coadsorbed biomolecules

Three sizes of colloidal gold particles are available in a convenient kit form. The kit contains 8 numbered 15mm AFM discs with mica attached for calibration and tip characterisation. Remaining colloidal gold can be used for coadsorption with biomolecules or other samples.

Fig. 1. AFM scan of 7.7, 14.6 and 28.4nm gold particles. Note: Scan (arrow) of 28.4nm particle indicates the presence of a tip artifact.

16200 and 16205 Kits Contain:
PELCO 15mm AFM Disc Carrier
15mm AFM Discs, numbered with 9.9mm Mica Discs attached, 8 ea., in a 16214 PELCO Disc Carrier
PELCO AFM Disc Pickup Tool
Gold Colloid, 5nm Range, 500ul
Gold Colloid, 15nm Range, 500ul
Gold Colloid, 30nm Range, 500ul
Poly-L-Lysine, 0.1%, 500ul
Protocol & Reprint

Code Title Range Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-07-2024
GTP16200 PELCO AFM gold standard kit 5,15,30nm Each 3 weeks $194.00 AUD
GTP16205 PELCO AFM gold standard kit 5,10,15,20,30nm Each 3 weeks $449.00 AUD