Omniprobe AutoProbe tungsten tips

Custom probe tips design for the AutoProbe 100 and 200, 300 and 400 and 250 and 200 systems.

GF341: AutoProbe 100 and 200 systems. Nickel tube shank with a diameter of 0.508mm and a tungsten tip with a diameter of 76um. Tip radius is 0.5um with a 13°taper angle for maximum lifetime. Nickel shank ~33.25mm long. Tungsten tip ~35.5mm with the tungsten whisker starting 2.3mm from the tip.

GF342: AutoProbe 100 and 200 systems. All tungsten design with a tip radius of 0.5um and a 10-13°taper angle for maximum life time. Shank diameter is 0.508mm.

GF343: AutoProbe 300 and 400 system for in situ probe tip exchange systems. Tungsten tip with stainless steel shank, tip radius is 0.5um with an 8-10°taper angle.

GF344: AutoProbe 250 and 200 systems. All-tungsten design with a 0.508mm shank diameter. The tip radius better than 0.5um with a taper of 6°taper angle for greater precision.

Code Title System Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 14-07-2024
GF341 Omniprobe AutoProbe tungsten tips 100 and 200 Tip with Ni shank Pack/10 3 weeks $648.00 AUD
GF342 Omniprobe AutoProbe tungsten tips 100 and 200 Standard W tip Pack/10 3 weeks $288.00 AUD
GF343 Omniprobe AutoProbe tungsten tips 300 and 400 In situ probe tip Pack/10 3 weeks Quote only Quote
GF344 Omniprobe AutoProbe tungsten tips 250 and 200 Short cut W tips Pack/10 3 weeks $525.00 AUD