Dissipative thunderon brush, 10.2cm handle

The dissipative Thunderon brush has a surface resistivity of 105 to 1011 ohms, a higher resistivity than the conductive brushes but sufficiently conductive to preclude any static buildup in the brush. These are excellent tools to use in removing any static charge that will result in the adhesion of particles such as dust to an object. Please use these brushes with a wrist strap or other mechanism to provide a path to ground for safety.    

Thunderon is a very fine (0.04mm diameter) acrylic fibre chemically bonded with copper sulphide. This special fibre will dissipate a charge on an electrically charged surface. The surface resistivity of Thunderon is 102?. The plastic handle is dissipative with a surface resistivity of 105?.


  • Handle length 10.2cm, width 6.4mm
  • Bristle trim length 31.8mm, bristle length 8.7cm, width 4.7mm.
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MTP51921 Dissipative thunderon brush, 10.2cm handle Each 3 weeks $121.00 AUD