Carbon tape, double-sided, 20m roll

These carbon tapes are conductive and may be used conveniently for scanning electron microscopy or EDS applications. This is the same material as the PELCO Tabs, Carbon Conductive Tabs, but in tape form. The tape form allows for special application uses such as custom sizes, cut-outs and shapes. The purity of this tape is identical to the PELCO Tabs; only very small impurities of Al and Si may be found.

Both sides of the tape have a thick conductive adhesive (conductive inner film is 35um and the adhesive is 45um on each side for a total of 125um [5 mils]) with a white liner. The double adhesive and conductive design permits quick mounting of samples without using liquid or colloidal adhesives.

The tape is relatively solid and non-porous and does not absorb small samples. The variety of widths affords efficient application to various specimen mount surface sizes. Thickness is 0.16mm. Available in six widths. Can be used down to -20?C (-4?F) and temperature maximum is 60?C (140?F). Available in 5, 8, 12, 20, 25, and 50mm W x 20m L (0.19, 0.31, 0.47, 0.79, 0.98, and 1.96" x 21.8 yd). Core diameter is 76mm (3"). SEM mounts not included.

Code Title Width Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 15-07-2024
PEL16073 Carbon tape, double-sided, 20m roll 8mm Roll/20m 3 weeks $108.00 AUD
PEL16073-4 Carbon tape, double-sided, 20m roll 25mm Roll/20m 3 weeks $231.00 AUD