AutoGrid rings and C-clips

NanoSoft's newly developed AutoGrid Rings & C-clips are a premium quality, less variable, functionally-equivalent option for clipping grids for use in Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) Cryo-Electron Microscopes and autoloader systems. They are cross-compatible with those from TFS and are also compatible with both NanoSoft and TFS clipping stations and tools. Additionally, they are half the price of the TFS version, providing high value for a one-time use consumable.

Significant analysis has been conducted to produce rings that are functionally-equivalent to TFS rings in both geometry and material. Cutting-edge manufacturing technology and quality control has been utilised to improve upon TFS rings and produce a less variable, superior quality AutoGrid ring AutoGrid Ring Quality Report (582KB PDF).

Available in packs of Autogrid Ring & C-clip pairs or packs of C-clips only.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
GTP47000-650 AutoGrid rings and C-clips Rings and C-clips Pack/100 3 weeks $1,941.00 AUD
GTP47000-651 AutoGrid rings and C-clips C-clips Pack/100 3 weeks $457.00 AUD