Cryo dewar liquid withdrawal device

The Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD) provides convenient pressure transfers of liquid nitrogen from LD25, LD35 and LD50 Dewars (Product codes -YTP81750-25, YTP81750-35,YTP81750-50). The device clamps directly to the special neck flange that is found under the plastic trim collar around the neck of these containers.  

Flow rates up to 8L/min are possible at operating pressures up to 0.5bar/50kPa. Liquid can be dispensed directly from the LWD via the spout provided, or through a standard cryogenic hose connected to the liquid outlet.

Filling a Dewar is accomplished by pressure transfer through the withdrawal device. (See Filling Instructions.) This filling method allows replenishment of the liquid supply in the Dewar without removing the LWD, while keeping the liquid saturated at a pressure sufficient to sustain liquid withdrawal.

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