For convenient hands-free "snap" or "flash" cryogenic freezing of animal tissue samples for cryostat sectioning. The box ensures optimal temperature control throughout the freezing process with a stainless steel case and foam lining, it is small and compact for easy storage. 

Liquid nitrogen or dry ice and alcohol slurry may be used as freezing media in the box. Use SEAL'N FREEZE cryotrays inserts to maximise your efficiency by freezing up to four samples at a time.


  • Only properly trained users should handle cryogenic freezing media such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice. 
  • Use the SEAL'N FREEZE box on a level surface to prevent tipping. 
  • Ensure correct personal protective equipment when handling the freezing media: cryo gloves, apron and safety glasses or face shield.
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 15-07-2024
YTP20956 SEAL'N FREEZE Box Each 3 weeks $458.00 AUD