AutoGrid inspection tool, Thermo Fisher/FEI

NanoSoft's autoGrid inspection tool is a low-cost way of performing a last autogrid inspection step prior to loading them into the cassette. It is placed into a grid box spot in the Thermo Fisher/FEI cassette loading station and will remain there securely due to the spring-loaded detent on the side of the tool. 

AutoGrids can be placed in the groove of the AutoGrid inspection tool and quickly flipped back and forth to check that the grid is securely clipped. It provides a final, low-cost check to help ensure only well-clipped grids are loaded into the autoloader, saving the potential disaster of a poorly clipped grid coming undone in the autoloader and weeks of downtime.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-07-2024
GTP47000-610 AutoGrid inspection tool, Thermo Fisher/FEI Each 3 weeks $231.00 AUD