DRI-BOX reusable desiccant canister, microwaveable

The DRI-BOX is a small perforated plastic box containing indicating silica gel. The box is sealed on the side to prevent silica gel from spilling. The DRI-BOX is convenient for use in small desiccators, packages and for transportation. The desiccant has a reversible action. Once it has adsorbed all the moisture it can hold, indicated by a colour change form blue to pink, it can be regenerated easily by microwave (15-20 seconds on high) or conventional oven (3 hours at 115?C). Heat until it turns blue again. Dri-Box is made from polycarbonate.
DRI-BOX size is 55 x 55 x 25mm, total weight is 67g, desiccant weight is 46g.

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L422 DRI-BOX reusable desiccant canister, microwaveable Each 2 in stock $53.00 AUD