DriCan reusable desiccant canister

The DriCan canister is ideal for desiccator cabinets, making trays of loose desiccant obsolete. The contained silica gel absorbs moisture through perforations in the aluminium case. One canister maintains a safe level of humidity in 0.9m3 of space. Also good for other storage areas to prevent rust and moisture invasion. It has an unlimited life as it can be regenerated in a 150°C oven in about 3 hours. A monitor window shows blue when recharged and pink when water saturated. Dimensions are 51 x 102 x 12.54mm.

Also search for product "bulk silica gel".

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
L42046 DriCan reusable desiccant canister Each 3 weeks $32.00 AUD