TiOx coated Substratek grids, 400 mesh copper

The Substratek TEM Substrates are metallic ultrathin films on a standard 3mm TEM grid. Available substrate are Au, Pt, Pd (2-3nm thickness) and TiOx (10-20nm thickness) on 300 and 400mesh TEM grids. The Au, Pt and Pd substrates are deposited on gold TEM grids compatible with electrochemical processes. The TiOx substrate is deposited on copper TEM grids; These materials have proven to be stable substrates with a small feature size in the support film. The TiOx substrate is more bio-compatible and can also be used for life-science applications. They are supplied in a PELCO 160 TEM grid box in quantities of 25 per box.

G400: Pitch 62µm; Hole Width 37µm; Bar Width 25µm; Transmission 37%

PEL21440-25: Substratek, 10-20nm TiOx on 400 mesh Cu TEM grid


Code Title Size Material Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 14-07-2024
PEL21440-25 TiOx coated Substratek grids, 400 mesh copper 10-20mm TiOx Copper Pack/25 3 weeks $202.00 AUD