EDFA silicone rubber embedding mould

These silicone moulds are designed for moulding small samples, cross sections, or similar for performance and failure analysis of semiconductor flip-chip packaged devices (EDFA). The moulds drastically reduce the surface area of exposed resin, improve the view of thin, tall samples, reduces the volume of resin required and consumption of polishing supplies.

Diameters (internal): 31.8mm (8ml), 38.1mm (15ml) and 50.8mm (20ml)

Sample moulds available for use with the PELCO Pressure Pot which enables curing of up to eighteen 25.4mm samples at the same time. The PELCO Pressure Pot provides an efficient way to reduce bubble formation in metallographic mounts and other cast resin, including acrylic or epoxy-embedded samples. Working pressure is 30 PSI, maximum pressure is 40 PSI with a safety release in the case of overpressure. The chamber is pressurised via a standard Schrader valve. Quick lock knobs allow the chamber to be sealed, or unsealed, in under 30 seconds, 3-tiered design and an internal volume larger than competitors.

Code Title Diameter Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 15-07-2024
RTP813-178 EDFA silicone rubber embedding mould 31.75mm Each 3 weeks $45.00 AUD
RTP813-179 EDFA silicone rubber embedding mould 38.1mm Each 3 weeks $46.00 AUD
RTP813-180 EDFA silicone rubber embedding mould 50.8mm Each 3 weeks $70.00 AUD