Quick vacuum test gauge

The NW/KF quick vacuum test gauge is mounted on a standard NW/KF flange and can be connected to any standard vacuum line of pump with NW/KF connection to quickly test the vacuum level. The gauge does not require any electrical connections and is intended as an indicator. The gauge has a dual scale from 0-30 inches Hg and 0-100kPa. Easy to read 50mm dial with steel housing and polycarbonate lens. The gauge is mounted on a stainless NW/KF adapter. A quick and cost-effective, dial type, test vacuum gauge. Available in NW/KF16, NW/KF25, NW/KF40 and NW/KF50.

VGT-10 Quick vacuum test gauge, height 73mm

VGT-16 Quick vacuum test gauge, KF10, height 73mm

VGT-25 Quick vacuum test gauge, KF25, height 88mm

VGT-40 Quick vacuum test gauge, KF40, height 95mm

VGT-50 Quick vacuum test gauge, KF50, height 95mm

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 13-07-2024
VGT-10 Quick vacuum test gauge 1/4 in. NPT Each 3 weeks $117.00 AUD
VGT-16 Quick vacuum test gauge KF16 Each 3 weeks $177.00 AUD
VGT-25 Quick vacuum test gauge KF25 Each 3 weeks $192.00 AUD
VGT-40 Quick vacuum test gauge KF40 Each 3 weeks $223.00 AUD
VGT-50 Quick vacuum test gauge KF50 Each 3 weeks $214.00 AUD