FIB lift-out TEM grids, Carb-N-Grids

These grids are made of pure carbon, 3mm in diameter and approximately 70µm thick with 2 V-style posts. Ideal for samples for spectroscopic examination where other metals must be avoided. Material is mechanically robust and gives smooth edges at the attachment points, individual grids are easily removed from the backing with tweezers. Very low background for EDS and spectroscopy, and very high adhesion of beam-deposited platinum, making for highly stable attachment of sample lamella. 

Two post grid: 315 x 70 x 300µm (W x D x H) posts

Four post grid: 60 x 120µm (narrow posts), 120 x 190µm (wide posts), 120 degree notch

Code Title Material Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
GTP16550 FIB lift-out TEM grids, Carb-N-Grids Carbon 2 wide posts, 300?m thick Pack/10 3 weeks $322.00 AUD
GTP16552 FIB lift-out TEM grids, Carb-N-Grids Carbon 2 narrow posts 120?m thick, 2 wide posts 190??m Pack/10 3 weeks $322.00 AUD