PELCO FIB sample and grid holder, 25mm

The FIB sample prep and grid holder accommodates an FIB sample mounted on a 25mm diameter pin stub for FIB milling and lift out procedures. It also holds FIB grids of the same thickness, to mount the prepared lamellae on an FIB grid for subsequent TEM imaging. Versatile holder suitable for all FIB/SEM systems which accept pin mount holders such as the FEI, Zeiss and TESCAN systems. For the JEOL and Hitachi systems a pin mount adapter is needed. Brass thumbscrews facilitate easy loading and unloading. 

Overall size: 50 x 29 x 13.5mm with 3.2mm diameter pin

Material: vacuum grade aluminium with brass screws

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-07-2024
GF336 PELCO FIB sample and grid holder, 25mm Each 3 weeks $493.00 AUD