Petrographic microscope slides, 27 x 46mm

The Petrographic microscope slides, for use routine petrography, reflected and transmitted light microscopy, EPMA, SEM/EDS, automated mineralogy, cathodoluminescence (CL) and EBSD analyses with thin sections made from rocks, minerals, cement/concrete, construction and building materials, and bone. The glass slides are 46 x 27mm and samples can be mounted with epoxy, Crystalbond or mounting media onto a coverslip to reduce light scattering effects due to remnant pits and scratches formed in polishing steps.  Uncovered thin sections can be coated with oil, Histomount or clear nail polish prior to analyses.

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GTP260600 Petrographic microscope slides, 27 x 46mm Pack/72 3 weeks $104.00 AUD