CellSafe five chamber biopsy cassettes

CellSafe is designed to contain small tissue fragments and biopsies during tissue processing, developed for the simultaneous preparation of core biopsies, ideal for breast and prostate specimens. Each well is numbered for identification and the blue cassette aids contrast and visualisation of light coloured breast tissue biopsies.

The acetyl resin frame and nylon mesh are suitable for use in common tissue processing reagents including Formaldehyde solutions, Bouin's Fluid, Alcohol solutions, Xylene, Chloroform, Citrus based clearing agents and Paraffin wax (melting point up to 65°C). If you are using any unusual reagents it is suggested that you carry out preliminary chemical compatibility tests before using the CellSafe 5 to contain tissue samples.


  • Small needle core tissue specimens may be processed separately
  • Ideal for breast and prostate core biopsies
  • 200 x 200µm nylon mesh screen top and bottom
  • X-ray transparent fine mesh
  • Available in white and blue
Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 12-07-2024
RTP27165-10 CellSafe five chamber biopsy cassettes White Pack/100 3 weeks $446.00 AUD
RTP27165-11 CellSafe five chamber biopsy cassettes Blue Pack/100 3 weeks $446.00 AUD