Reflex wound clips

Reflex wound clips, appliers and removers.  Stainless steel staples provide a fast method for wound closure and have been associated with decreased wound infection rates. Staples have been shown to be less reactive than traditional suturing material. Stapling does not affect tissue defences since it requires minimal skin penetration, and, thus, fewer microorganisms are carried into the lower skin layers.

Code Title Clip Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 13-07-2024
PEL53150-1 Reflex wound clips 7mm Pack/1000 3 weeks $623.00 AUD
PEL53150-2 Reflex wound clips 7mm Pack/100 3 weeks $110.00 AUD
PEL53150-App Reflex wound clips 7mm Applier Each 3 weeks $297.00 AUD
PEL53152-Rem Reflex wound clips 7mm, 9mm Remover Each 3 weeks $203.00 AUD
PEL53151 Reflex wound clips 9mm Applier Each 3 weeks $299.00 AUD
PEL53151-1 Reflex wound clips 9mm Pack/1000 3 weeks $544.00 AUD
PEL53151-2 Reflex wound clips 9mm Pack/100 3 weeks $88.00 AUD