Laboratory marking pens, 3 sample pack

A sample pack of the three most commonly used and requested laboratory marking pens for histology and pathology laboratory use is now available. Each pen has different features for laboratory applications. This sample pack offers the opportunity to test one of each pen type first, to determine the best fit. 

  • Statmark Pen: Histology/Cytology Marking Pen, resistant to formalin, ethanol isopropanol and xylene
  • Moist Mark Plus Pen: Histology/Cytology Marking Pen, premium slide/cassette marker; writes smooth, dark and fine on all cassettes and slides
  • Science Marker: General Laboratory Marking Pen, fine tip, cryogenic marker, alcohol-resistant on most surfaces
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-07-2024
PEL22315 Laboratory marking pens, 3 sample pack Pack/3 3 weeks $46.00 AUD