STATMARK permanent marker, black

The STATMARK Pen is the ideal black marker for histology and cytology labs. The permanent ink resists even the harshest chemicals, including formalin, ethanol, isopropanol and xylene. The writing remains clean, clear and legible throughout the range of laboratory procedures, including processing and staining. The ink dries quickly and will not run or smear. It lasts through fixatives, baths, dips, stains, bleaches and more.

Important notes:
 - Allow the ink to dry before exposing to any liquids.
 - Do not use on smooth glass or plastic surfaces. i.e. smooth plain glass slides or test tubes.
 - Use on surfaces designed for printing. The ink will fade but will remain legible.
 - Formulated for use with standard histological reagents for tissue processing and staining. (cassettes and frosted slides).
 - Use on lab tape, cryo tapes and labels.

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