Economy slide mailers

Both slide mailers are made from sturdy 1.93mm thick card-stock, can hold either 1 or 2, 75 x 50mm, slides. Both have recessed slide compartments so coverglass is not touched by the inside of the cover when the mailer is closed.

Dimensions when closed (HTP2119): 76.2 x 95.3 x 5.8mm
Dimensions when closed (HTP2119-2): 127 x 152.4 x 4.1mm

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
HTP2119 Economy slide mailers 1-slide mailer Each 3 weeks $55.00 AUD
HTP2119-2 Economy slide mailers 2-slide mailer Each 3 weeks $73.00 AUD