Gel-Pak Vacuum release series

These vacuum-release storage and shipping boxes from Gel-Pak are available in medium and large. The medium box is hinged with snap closure, while the large box slides into a clip (HTPGP-CLIP-44C) for secure closure and transport. Each box contains a Gel-Pak tray with X4 gel to firmly hold substrates, electronic devices, and other materials. Applying vacuum to the tray puts it in release mode allowing samples to be removed easily without prying or application of force. Gel-Pak VR series boxes may be used in automated pick-and-place applications.


Tray size: 50.80mm W x 50.80mm H x 6.35mm D
Usable Area: 34.29mm W x 34.29mm H
Internal Clearance: 112mm
Box Materials: Conductive tray, conductive lid
Mesh Size: 16


Tray size: 101.60mm W x 101.60mm H x 11.68mm D
Usable Area: 76.2mm W x 76.2mm H
Internal Clearance: 169mm
Box Materials: Conductive tray, conductive lid
Mesh Size: 16

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 15-07-2024
HTPVR-16CC-02-X4 Gel-Pak Vacuum release series Medium Pack/50 3 weeks $1,101.00 AUD
HTPVR-44-16CC-00B-X4 Gel-Pak Vacuum release series Large Pack/50 3 weeks Quote only Quote