Microwave tissue jars for decalcification

The Microwave Tissue Jar, when used with the PELCO SteadyTemp, is an advancement over circulating EDTA. Less reagent is required and individual samples can be processed independently. The temperature in the jar is maintained by the setting on the PELCO SteadyTemp, in conjunction with the wattage. For tissues like teeth and small bones, a 75ml volume of EDTA in the jar is sufficient to complete the decalcification process without the addition of new solution. We have found that a setting of 150W on the microwave, in conjunction with a setting of 24°C on the PELCO SteadyTemp will maintain a temperature of 40°C in the jars over extended processing times measured in days or weeks.

Images shows Microwave Tissue Jars in Processing Container (ETP36200-1), see above. The Safety Tray (ETP36200-3) and Lid (ETP36200-2), not shown in the picture, should be used during processing.

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ETP36124 Microwave tissue jars for decalcification Pack/4 3 weeks $149.00 AUD