Carbide cutter cleaving kit

Handheld tools for cutting and cleaving glass, silicon, and hard materials. Carbide wheels produce fewer particles when scribing, when compared to diamond pointed scribes. Both large and small CleanBreak pliers are included for handling larger and thicker samples. The cutters included are: Standard cutter for general purposes cutting of glass, silicon, and other crystalline materials. Also suitable for thin glass 0.3-1.5mm and hard glass 0.3-6mm thick; Laser cutter, allowing higher surface penetration and non-slip start. It is used for glass 0.1-2 mm think, hard glass 0.3-2mm thick, and quartz, silicon, and III-V substrates; Cutter for ultra-thin glass 0.03-2mm and hard glass 0.3-2mm. It also excels at cutting thin quartz and III-V substrates.

Kit Includes:

  • CleanBreak Pliers, 6"
  • CleanBreak Pliers, 8"
  • Carbide Cutter, Standard
  • Carbide Cutter, Laser
  • Carbide Cutter, Laser, for Ultra Thin Samples
  • L-square Ruler
  • Cutting Mat, Self Healing, A4 size
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TTP54360 Carbide cutter cleaving kit Each 2 weeks $706.00 AUD