PELCO formvar on lacey carbon coated grids

The PELCO TEM grids are made of 300 mesh copper coated with support films of lacey structure enforced by a heavy coating of Formvar/carbon. Holes are completely open.

The holes in the lacey support film vary in size from less than a quarter micron to more than 10 microns making them ideal for any type of specimen. Lacey support films are extremely strong and withstand vigorous specimen preparation treatment. The specimen material is supported by the film network but lies across or protrudes into the holes of the mesh. This allows high definition imaging without the effects of underlying support material. Lacey films can be used for specimens ranging from large crystals and other particulate material to virus particles. Smaller particles, such as viruses or bacteria, tend to adhere around the inner edges of the holes, an ideal situation for high resolution microscopy. Lacey films are also ideal for selected area electron diffraction imaging.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 14-07-2024
GSCU300FL PELCO formvar on lacey carbon coated grids Pack/25 3 weeks $161.00 AUD
GSCU300FL-50 PELCO formvar on lacey carbon coated grids Pack/50 3 weeks $255.00 AUD