Diamond wheel cutters

Wheel cutters produce a cleaner scribe line than point scribes and minimise the number of particles generated. Two styles available:

Standard - General purpose diamond wheel cutter, good for hard glass 0.3-3mm. This cutter is best for harder materials such as hard glass, LCD, sapphire, quartz glass and ceramic. Plastic handle is 127mm long.

Laser - Laser diamond wheel cutter, laser-cut profile applied to the wheel. This allows for a non-slip start and deeper scoring. This cutter excels at cutting thin glass (as fine as 0.03mm), LCD, half-tempered glass, sapphire, quartz glass, ceramic, glass tubes and standard silicon substrates. Plastic handle is 127mm long.

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 14-07-2024
GTP54368 Diamond wheel cutters Standard Each 3 weeks Quote only Quote
GTP54369 Diamond wheel cutters Laser Each 3 weeks Quote only Quote