PELCO SEM substrate, quartz disc, polished

The PELCO quartz discs or wafers are made from high quality fused quartz (glassy, amorphous material - not a single crystal) ground and optical-grade clear polished on both sides. The discs are ideal as substrates for thin film research and are also suitable for optical research. These quartz wafers have excellent chemical resistance against a wide variety of solvents. They have also excellent heat resistance with high dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. Transparency is provided for 0.19 to 4.2um with very low absorbance in the 0.26 to 2.6µm range. Surface flatness is ±1° with 60/40 scratch/dig specifications. Available in other sizes and thickness.

Size: 25.4mm diameter x 1.6mm thickness

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 15-07-2024
PEL16001-1 PELCO SEM substrate, quartz disc, polished Each 3 weeks $33.00 AUD