Disposable storage syringes, polyethylene, white

These disposable polyethylene, ungraduated syringes have a pointed plastic nozzle and a click-on, perfectly-sealing cap. They are safe and do not accept a needle. The large syringe is ideal for storing made-up resins in the freezer. For use, the medium can be warmed quickly by immersing the syringe in hot water. This will avoid condensation on the medium; after drying the syringe, it is ideal for dispensing.
The syringe also is great for storing and dispensing 'lead stain' for TEM sections. Air is excluded during storage; the first couple of drops should be discarded.

Tip lengths on all syringes are 28.6mm; Tip inside diameters for L312-15 and L312 at opening are 1.6mm. Tip inside diameter for L312-60 at opening is 10.4mm. Ungraduated. These polyethylene syringes are completely silicone free.

Code Title Capacity Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
L312-15 Disposable storage syringes, polyethylene, white 15ml Pack/20 1 in stock $75.00 AUD
L312-60 Disposable storage syringes, polyethylene, white 60ml Pack/20 3 weeks $117.00 AUD