TEM calibration specimen, gold and graphitised carbon

This test specimen is made on a holey carbon film which has been shadowed with gold and a coating of graphitised carbon particles. Particles protruding over the edge of a hole are best for testing high resolution performance. The evaporated gold forms small poly-crystalline islands and within these islands lattice fringes can be resolved. This specimen is also used to measure contamination rates in the electron microscope by noting the deposition rate of carbon within the holes of the gold film.

The specimen consists of small gold islands on a perforated carbon film, with a light deposition of graphitised carbon. The holes on the film provide information on instrument defects by observation of the over?focused Fresnel fringe.

The graphitised carbon particles (which should be observed where they overlap the holes on the film) give a lattice spacing of 0.34nm. The gold islands provide a coarse measure of particle?to?particle resolution, and some of them will be oriented suitably to give a gold lattice image.

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