Cryogenic grid box handling tool

The cryo grid box is used for transferring, storing and manipulating vitrified cryo TEM specimens (i.e. on Quantifoil TEM grids) made with cryo-devices like the FEI Vitrobot, Gatan CP3, Leica EM 6P and other cryo vitrification systems. The round box is the most widely used and is suitable for the Gatan 626 and CT3500 cryo transfer systems and the FEI Vitrobot and Gatan CP3. The box has a UNC 5/40 thread in the center. The clear lid is held in place with a stainless steel screw.

The handling rod screws into the threaded centre of the round cryo grid box for pick-up and storage applications. Can be used to store the cryo grid box in liquid nitrogen.

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-07-2024
YL070-R Cryogenic grid box handling tool White Each 3 weeks $55.00 AUD
PEL160-46-4 Cryogenic grid box handling tool Yellow Each 3 weeks $55.00 AUD
PEL160-46-6 Cryogenic grid box handling tool Blue Each 3 weeks $55.00 AUD