PTFE coated razor blades, double edge

PTFE-Coated stainless steel, individually wrapped and bulk packed. Break in half lengthwise for use (protect fingers and use eye protection).Suitable blade for PELCO easiSlicer, Microslicer, Vibratome and other brands of vibratory microtomes. Suitable alternative to Feather blades when used as is (unbroken) in McIlwain Tissue Chopper.

• Length: 42.9mm (1.69")
• Cutting Edge Length: 37.1mm (1.46")
• Width: 21.7mm (0.855")
• Thickness: 0.11mm (0.004")

Double edge blades are thinner blades at 0.1mm and have a more acute cutting angle, when compared with single edge blades. This generally makes them sharper, but less durable than the thicker blades at 0.2286mm or single edge blades. 

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-07-2024
PEL121-6 PTFE coated razor blades, double edge Box/250 3 weeks $187.00 AUD