Peak zoom magnifier, 8-16x

Furnished with one scale having both metric and inch scales, this model 750 stepless hand magnifier has click stops (shown in a small window) at 8x, 10x, 12x, 14x, and 16x, to reach a known magnification. 8 lenses in 6 groups. The design maintains sufficient brightness at each magnification stage.

The black body, finished with aluminium precision machining similar to camera lenses, allows smooth zooming-in and zooming-out. Before starting an observation, move the adjustment ring at the bottom of the lens body to select the optimum magnification in accordance with the purpose of the inspection. When completed, adjust the ring around the eyepiece so that the scale will be clearly visible. The zooming mechanism changes magnification to allow for continuous observation. With case, lens cap and cloth. Scale on reticle is ±8mm with 0.1mm divisions and ±0.3" with .005" divisions. 

    Field of view: 10 to 20mm
    Diopter ring adjustment: +2.5D to -5D
    Minimum scale division: 0.1mm or 0.005"
    Size: 45mm diameter x 65mm high
    Weight: 149g
    Scale Diameter: 35mm

Note: All 10x magnifier reticles (ø35mm) will fit the No. 750 Zoom Magnifier.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 18-07-2024
OTP750 Peak zoom magnifier, 8-16x Each 3 weeks $471.00 AUD